Lighting up the appearance of the outside and inside a house using particular plant species has been used by home consistently, the plants used normally have different color and appearance thus making a house beautiful to look at.   Succulent plants are some of the plant species people will find irresistible to have in their homes.   These plants hold water in their leaves, stems or even their roots, the retention of water by the succulent plants helps  them grow and develop for long time without requiring water, these plants do well even in areas that do not receive rainfall frequently.


To cultivate the sempervivum succulents successfully require a lot of patience and a little bit of knowledge.  It is imperative to know the species you have and the necessities that accompany it for it to develop effectively.  A couple of succulent plants require light exposure for them to  grow well while others will grow well in shades, if the succulents plants have a pale green color in their stems  it infers they require more light, don't move them to too much  light since they may end up getting scotched.


The water you use to water the succulents should have the correct PH.  Some succulents will require fertilizer for their growth, identifying a fertilizer to suit your plants is very important.   The soil you use should be porous and well drained because the plants don't like soggy soil.


Succulents are easy to propagate; you can buy seeds for the first time, and once they grow you can use their cuttings to propagate other plants.  The use of cuttings to plant other succulent plants has been for the most supported method by people since it is a simple practice and the cuttings won't dry and die away. Grafting can moreover be used to propagate the succulents; this is the tying of two succulent cuttings keeping in mind the end goal of ensuring they grow together. Know more about succulent at .



When you plan to plant a succulent, you will need to get a small pot that has a hole in the bottom, you will put the soil inside the pot, the presence of the hole in the pot will ensure that excess water in the pot will go through it, the soil you put should at least leave an inch of the pot exposed at the top, the soil should be dug in to create room for the cutting, the cutting is then placed into the pot and its base well covered with soil, once this is done water the cutting and place it where the sun can reach it.  You can repeat this process with different pots to create a beautiful garden. You can get in touch here!